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Charge your Car (CYC) is building the UK’s first national open access recharging network. This open approach means that the Charge Your Car network is accessible by all EV drivers across the UK on a free-to-use or pay-to-use basis, all charge point owners and network operators, and all charge point manufacturers.

CYC does not own charge points. CYC operates by connecting regional networks and individual charge points to a single centralised charge point management system, making the charge points visible to all EV drivers via the live status map, and collecting revenues on behalf of charge point owners. Charge point owners use the CYC management system to set the tariff for each charge point, whilst the CYC helpline contacts charge point owners’ maintenance teams in the event of a fault where maintenance or repair is required.

In order to connect to the network, charge points must be CYC Approved, which means they operate using the emerging global industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). ABB, APT, Chargemaster, DBT, Elektromotive, Schneider and Siemens are already CYC Approved and are being promoted to purchasers of charge points.

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