The Charge Your Car app

Available free from the App Store and Google play, the Charge Your Car smartphone app is the first of its kind in the world that lets drivers of plug-in electric vehicles use charge points.


Local search…

One-click ‘Search’ on home page to view map of all charge points in your area.

Find nearest charge points…

One-click ‘Find nearby charge points’ to view a list of the nearest charge points to you, charge point type and status, and distance to each charge point.


One-click ‘Advanced’ on home page to filter the connector types when searching.

Plan a route…

Use Google and other maps to plan a route from your location to your chosen charge point.

Detailed chargepoint information…

Everything you need to know about each charge point, including socket type and power output, check live status button, charge point code and price tariff*, accessibility and payment options (app, card, mobile phone), address, postcode, detailed location of charge point, parking fees*.

*where charges apply

Start, End and Pay for a charge…

Use the app to start, end and pay* for a charge on all app-enabled charge points. Simply register your debit or credit card via the app or website and you are ready to charge your car.

*where charges apply

Available on the app store Get it on Google play


Summary of features

  • The world’s first app that let’s you use charge points
  • New charge points added every month
  • Mix of free to use and pay to use charge points
  • One-click search facilities to view map or lists of charge points near you
  • Search charge points by town, postcode or point code
  • Filter charge points by connector type
  • Live status of charge points
  • Plan a route to a charge point
  • Start, end and pay for a charging session
  • Bookmark your favourite charge points
  • Latest news and information – new charge points etc
  • Helpdesk telephone support
  • Activity history
  • Personalised online account with downloadable PDF records of usage and payment history