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the free app

Use the app while on the go to locate a charge point, plan a route, check availability and tariffs, start, stop and pay for charging on all app-enabled charge points. Download free from the App Store or Google play.

Register your debit or credit card to enable payment for charging

Some charge points are free to use and some are pay to use*. Register later using the app or now via the website.

Purchase an Access Card

Use the RFID card to access and pay at all of the charge points on the network. Order your Access Card after you have registered your debit or credit card. Initial cost = £20 per annum.

Charge Your Car

You are now ready to start using the network. If you need any assistance when charging call our Helpline on 0191 265 0500.

Yes please, register me now

*No payment is deducted prior to use of a pay to use charge point using the app or the Lifetime Card. Payment is automatically taken when the outstanding balance on your account reaches £35 or at the end of the month, whichever is sooner. All card details are held securely with and all payments are taken via PayPoint©. Please read the privacy notice.


For more information please visit our Help Centre